Dead Stuff
sandyA fork of the sandy text editor21 months
arduphoneArduino phone (dead)4 months
avr-crypto-libStandalone crypto libraries. Forked from: months
munchkinA dead simple counter to keep track of munchkin levels17 months
nyancatA nyan cat player15 months
pedal-keyboardTurning a gaming pedal into a keyboard (dead)22 months
pocketgameBluetooth remote control built with ATTiny4 months
Garbage (Be careful, dont use them)
advPHPA command line interface for advmame with ncurses (PHP version)2 years
advPyA command line interface for advmame with ncurses (Python version)2 years
panagerA python password manager2 years
panager-androidAn android password manager2 years
panmanAttempting a password manager *shhh, they'll hear us!*17 months
phchatA PHP socket chat server2 years
dmenuA fork of the dmenu dynamic menu3 months
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles8 weeks
dwmA fork of the DWM window manager3 months
dwmstatusUpdate the status bar of dwm3 months website7 weeks
mpc_dmenuA dmenu interface for MPC7 months
password-storeSimple password manager using gpg and ordinary unix directories. Forked by: http...7 months
faflatasSimple chat using broadcast in C7 weeks
roloiA simple awesome smartwatch :)6 months
roloi-androidRoloi companion app. Forked from: months
spitakiHome automation platform with MQTT8 weeks